Leadership Challenge FAQs

Please see our brochure for details on:

  • What The Leadership Challenge is
  • Dates, times, location, logistical information
  • What the registration fee includes
  • Payment options
  • Take-aways; what participants will be better equipped to do having completed the workshop
  • The presenters’ backgrounds

Q. Who is The Leadership Challenge workshop appropriate for? Senior leaders? Staff?

  • The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and The Leadership Challenge workshop are designed to provide significant benefit to anyone who wants to contribute at higher levels and empower others in the process. Those at the beginning, middle, or who are more seasoned in their careers all stand to benefit through learning and enhancing skills to lead others more effectively.

 Q. When is payment due?

  • Full payment is due upon registration.

 Q.  What is the cancellation/refund policy?

  • A fee of $150 will be charged per cancellation, up until October 1, 2015. There are no refunds after October 1, 2015.

Q.  What is the policy for substitution?

  • Substitutions may be made at a fee of $150 per substitution.  Substitutions can be made up until October 1, 2015.

 Q. Is there a discount if my company sends more than one person?

  • Companies that send three or more participants will receive a discount of $95 off each registration. 


 LPI  Questions:

Q. What if I have already taken the LPI and have my 360 Feedback? Is there a discount?

  • If a participant has a recent LPI report – within the past 3 months – there is a discount of $150.

 Q. How does the process work for me to take the LPI and engage others in the 360?

  • After registration, participants will be sent information to complete the LPI electronically, and to have their observers do the same. The information will be synthesized and provided to Solutions. The deadline of October 1, 2015 is set to allow time for this information to be gathered and readied to deliver to the participant at The Leadership Challenge workshop on October 23rd.

Q. Can people complete the LPI and get their results, if they do not attend The Leadership Challenge workshop?

  • Yes; individuals who are unable to attend The Leadership Challenge workshop can arrange to complete the LPI, as part of either Leadership Development Planning or one of the coaching engagements. Contact us for fees.


Q. Is coaching included in The Leadership Challenge workshop?

  • Coaching is an additional service apart from the workshop that individuals may want to take advantage of, in order to further personalize and maximize The Leadership Challenge experience.  Contact us for information about coaching fees.

 Q. What is the value of the additional work – coaching or leadership development planning?

  • Working with a coach, one-on-one, assists individuals in better understanding their feedback, and creating a formal development plan that aligns their career objectives with their organization’s goals. The plan is written in a format that outlines goals and outcomes that can be measured and adjusted as needed.

 Q. How does the coaching work?

  • Individuals who participate in The Leadership Challenge workshop may choose one of two coaches to work with through a three or six month engagement. This would include the coach:
  • Meeting with a member of the individual’s human resources team and/or the individual’s supervisor;
  • Coordinating additional testing/assessments as needed for the individual;
  • Providing assistance in planning development activities and in writing a leadership development  plan;
  • Meeting with the individual for two, 2-hour coaching meetings per month, and providing telephone support to initially help develop, then drive the plan;
  • Providing a midpoint review of progress and goals, and an evaluation and final review of outcomes to be shared with the individual’s human resources team and/or the individual’s supervisor

 Q. Is there any flexibility in terms of the coaching engagements?

  • Possibly, and this would be decided on a case-by-case basis. However, the three and six month coaching engagements and leadership development planning are crafted carefully to provide individuals with the maximum amount of information and support to achieve their professional and in some cases, personal goals. Shortening or altering the process may impact the results.

 Q. Can people sign up for coaching, if they do not attend The Leadership Challenge workshop?

  • Yes. Unless the individual indicates a preference, we will pair them with one of our coaches to engage in either the three or six month coaching process.

Q. How soon after The Leadership Challenge workshop will coaching take place?

  • Coaching can be coordinated as soon as possible according to the individual’s and the coach’s schedules.

 Leadership Development Planning –

Q. How does Leadership Development Planning differ from coaching?

  • Leadership Development Planning is one component of the coaching process. It involves help provided by a coach in developing your personal leadership development plan. We provide assistance in creating a formal written development plan with measurable goals and outcomes through two 2-hour coaching sessions that are held on–site at your workplace and through pre- and post- session telephone meetings. The content of the plan includes specific action steps the individual can take to become a more effective leader.