In-Person and Telephone Counseling

There are times we could all use help in resolving problems in our personal lives.  Solutions EAP offers confidential, face-to-face counseling with experienced therapists, as well as telephonic consultation.  We can help with just about any kind of concern, large or small. The EAP counselor will help you define the issues, sort things out, and develop a plan of action. This is the heart of what EAP does:  helping you get in control of the situation so that it is more manageable. In some cases, the EAP will refer you to an ongoing or specialized resource. If so, referrals are usually made within your medical insurance plan to help offset costs.


The EAP service is strictly confidential, and information is not disclosed without your consent.  State and federal laws, however, mandate that in cases of child or elder abuse, or when a person is a threat to his or someone else’s safety, the counselor must notify the proper authorities.


You can make an appointment at a time and location that is most convenient to you.  We offer over 150 locations in New England and have a national network of counselors as well.

Provider Locations

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