Making a Referral to the EAP

The EAP is a resource when managers need to address job performance problems. Consultation can be very helpful to managers in deciding if an employee referral to the EAP is appropriate.  We coach managers and supervisors on effective ways to deal with performance problems, make referrals to the EAP, and we help with ongoing management of the employee referral. 

Steps for Making A Referral

The key is early intervention.  The sooner the employee recognizes and deals with the underlying problems, the easier it will be to resolve. 

There are two types of referrals to the EAP:  informal and formal.  You can initiate an informal referral if you become aware that an employee is experiencing personal problems, but at this point there are no job performance issues.  An informal referral is simply reminding the employee that the EAP is available.

When the employee demonstrates job performance problems, we recommend documenting these problems, holding a job performance discussion, and making a formal referral to the EAP. Please refer to the Supervisor’s Guide for more information.

Not sure if you should refer an employee to the EAP?  Call us at any time for guidance:  1-800-526-3485.  We can help you plan for a job performance discussion if appropriate.

Other Consultation

Besides helping with job performance discussions, the EAP can provide consultation on policies and procedures, the Drug-Free Workplace Act, bullying, critical incident response, workplace violence, domestic violence, diversity issues, sexual harassment, DOT regulations, and more. 


When the death or terminal illness of a co-worker or a family member touches a team, they may experience typical bereavement reactions. Though these reactions are normal, they can understandably have an impact on the workplace. Group sessions are available to help employees sort through and process their feelings together.