Leadership Development

The consultants at Solutions bring solid business and professional qualifications to leadership development and coaching services for managers, supervisors, and executives.  Each coaching plan is tailored to the individual.

Coaching Services

Solutions EAP provides coaching services to assist executives with positive leadership development.  Executive coaching is customized, planned, and executed with a focus on specific, desirable results.  It is most successful as a three-way partnership among executive, coach, and the executive’s organization. 

 Although the primary work is between the coach and the executive, coaching as an organizational intervention is conducted within the context of the organization’s goals and objectives.   The executive, the coach, and the organization begin by determining the ultimate goals of the coaching, specific results for each goal, expected time frames, and appropriate measurements for success. 

 Our approach to executive coaching focuses on the following areas of development and learning:

  •  The development or refinement of executive and leadership capabilities and new ways of thinking and acting that generalize to other situations and roles;
  • Helping leaders develop greater self-awareness of their behavior and patterns, and how others perceive them;
  • Assist the leader to develop and enhance emotional intelligence;
  • Capitalizing on leadership strengths and bridging gaps;
  • Acquiring executive and leadership strategies and tactics to ensure that learning continues after the coaching is completed.

 Leadership Development Seminars

Interested in implementing a cost-effective, professional coaching program for a group of managers and supervisors?  Solutions offers customized leadership development programs designed to introduce leadership concepts.  Hands-on exercises allow participants to experiment and practice new, effective leadership behaviors.  These programs are delivered over multiple sessions in a group setting and are tailored to the experience level of the participants.  The seminars include self-assessments for each participant that incorporate 360 degree feedback from key personnel.

Team Development

Effective team interventions depend upon a full understanding of the team leader, team dynamics, and the business environment in which the team operates.  Solutions' consultants are skilled in conducting team assessments and identifying a team's strengths and challenges.  Once comprehensive assessments are completed, Solutions recommends specific interventions and team activities that will help overcome conflict, improve team capacity, enhance communication, morale and productivity, and lead to more effective individual and team behaviors overall.