For Employers

Solutions EAP has over 25 years of experience delivering results-based workplace solutions for our client organizations. Whether it’s consulting on change in the workplace, helping with difficult employee situations, or responding to an immediate crisis, we are there when you need us.  Our customized approach to employee assistance program design, training, and organizational development is based on an understanding of your organization’s specific needs.

We promote work-life balance, employee productivity, wellness, and organizational efficiency to enhance your bottom line.  We currently serve over 120 organizations representing healthcare, government, education, behavioral health, social services, manufacturing, and service industries.
Our objectives are to:

  • Assist your organization and managers to address performance, productivity, and behavior issues;
  • Help employees identify and resolve personal concerns that may affect job performance;
  • Encourage appropriate use of medical and mental health benefits;
  • Reduce turnover, accidents, and behavioral risks in the workplace;
  • Help your organization create an atmosphere that values the employee as an important asset;
  • Assist in managing change, transitions, and critical incidents in the workplace.

We are confident that any of our client organizations will confirm that our customer service exceeds expectations.  In addition, recent survey results of employees who have used our services show the following outcomes:

  • 76% had better concentration
  • 65% had improved productivity
  • 47% were absent or tardy less
  • 58% reported that their quality of work improved
  • 51% got along better with co-workers
  • 73% were better able to handle stress
  • 83% said their problems improved
  • 93% would use Solutions EAP again
  • Over 90% were satisfied with the EAP Counselor

Please contact us for a quote. We will discuss your EAP needs and custom design an Employee Assistance Program specifically for your organization and your employees.  We believe we offer the best value for EAP services available.