Why Choose Solutions EAP?

Solutions EAP has provided an array of employee assistance programs and organizational development services to employers since 1985. Our strengths are our highly experienced, certified EAP staff and our local, high touch service-delivery system so that your organization receives the finest EAP service available. We support your business and human resource goals to improve employee job performance, attendance, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Dollars and Sense: EAP Return on Investment

All organizations have troubled employees. A recent extensive survey found that about half of all American adults have a significant mental illness at least once during their lifetimes and nearly a third of them have one in any given year. Troubled employees cost money. For example, workers who abuse alcohol or other drugs are:

  • absent and late three times more often;
  • have 3.6 times more accidents;
  • are 5 times more likely to file a worker’s compensation claim.

On average, each employee with depression will cost his/her employer $3000 per year due to lost days on the job and reduced productivity.

EAPs reach these employees earlier by:

  • making free, confidential counseling easy to access
  • by promoting EAP services in various ways
  • by training managers to identify, confront and refer appropriately, at an early stage without getting over-involved

EAPs have been shown to return $3 - $7 for every $1 invested. Click here for detailed information on studies that demonstrate EAP benefits.

EAPs have been shown to reduce:

  • Sick leave by 33%    
  • Work- related accidents by 65%
  • Workers’ comp claims by 30%
  • Time spent on reprimands by 74%
  • Medical insurance claims   

Selecting an EAP

Compare services thoroughly and beware of “free” EAP services that are sometimes offered as part of an insurance product. A comprehensive EAP should offer a comprehensive array of services that addresses all of your employee and organizational needs. For guidance on selecting an EAP, click here for a Buyer’s Guide excerpt published by the national Employee Assistance Professionals Association.