Comprehensive Employee Assistance Programs

We design, implement, and operate EAPs in a wide variety of organizational settings; large and small, product and service-oriented, public, private, and nonprofit.  With a comprehensive and diverse national provider network, Solutions delivers high quality, effective employee assistance programs regionally and nationally.  We tailor our programs to your needs, and offer telephonic and face-to-face counseling models. Please contact Solutions EAP at 1-800-526-3485 or for a Proposal..

Leadership Development

Solutions provides executive coaching services, leadership development seminars, and team development.  We help employers maximize individual, team, and organizational performance.

 Solutions provides a broad array of leadership and organizational development services including:

  • Teambuilding
  • Conflict resolution
  • Organizational assessments
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Leadership development
  • Talent management
  • Change management

A key emphasis in our organizational development consulting is not just assisting organizations with reaching their goals, but learning new problem-solving skills they can use in the future.

Corporate Training and Employee Development

Solutions EAP offers a variety of workshops and group services to meet the needs of employers and employees in the evolving workplace. Click here for training catalog.

Workplace Consultation

We offer expert consultation to employers on a broad range of workplace issues: policies and procedures, the Drug-Free Workplace Act, bullying, workplace violence, domestic violence, diversity issues, sexual harassment, DOT regulations, and more. 

Critical Incident Response

A tragic accident, sudden unexpected death, violence at work or at home, suicide, terminal or chronic illness: when these events happen, they usually are emotionally overwhelming to those who witnessed the event or knew the people involved. Solutions EAP provides critical incident response services, which encompass a variety of group interventions after the incident. Critical incident response includes confidential sessions designed to reduce the impact of the event, accelerate recovery, and return people to everyday functioning.

Health and Wellness Services

The link between physical health and mental health is well established. Like physical health, mental health is impacted by biological, physiological, socio-economic, and cultural factors. Smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, and inadequate sleep can contribute to emotional difficulties or make everyday stresses more challenging. Solutions EAP offers articles and tips on wellness, designed to increase awareness and educate on the importance of good physical health.

Work/Life Services

Studies show that employees select and stay with companies that help them manage their personal and work lives more effectively. We offer resources to employees on a wide range of issues, including parenting, aging, education, relationships, personal growth, travel/leisure, home improvement, and much more. Our enhanced services include help for employees who have legal and/or financial concerns. Attorneys provide free assistance with family and domestic matters, estate planning, civil matters, criminal, motor vehicle, and real estate.

Teambuilding and Conflict Resolution

Conflicts in the workplace are not only inevitable; they can also be a positive thing. Managed well, conflict within teams can lead to enhanced creativity, better decisions, and higher quality results. Managed poorly, conflict can hinder teamwork and progress on goals. Solutions EAP can help resolve conflict and foster group cohesiveness to keep your organization working effectively.

DOT/SAP Services

Solutions EAP has qualified Substance Abuse Professionals who provide federal Department of Transportation (DOT) substance abuse assessments for drivers covered under DOT regulations. We also offer consultation on DOT regulations and DOT-required training for supervisors on alcohol and drug awareness and “reasonable suspicion.”