How the EAP Can Help: Expert Consultation

The EAP is a service to you as well as the employee. We have extensive experience providing consultation to managers and supervisors on a broad range of workplace issues.

Sometimes it can be difficult to manage employees. Some employees may be struggling with pressures outside of work, and these stressors may spill over into the workplace causing performance, interpersonal, or behavioral problems. How do you know if you should take action when the problem may involve personal issues? You have to address any performance concerns without becoming over-involved in the employee’s private life. There is a proven way to manage these situations. Solutions EAP is available to help you deal effectively and be supportive to your employees.

You have three key responsibilities:

  1. First, to provide information about the EAP to your employee. This means you need to know the facts (the who, what, where, when, and how of the program). You need to understand key features such as the confidentiality of the program and how to access EAP services. Also, EAP services are free to the employee and to family members.
  2. Second, to encourage a troubled co-worker, friend, or subordinate to use the program if she/he is having a personal problem. We all develop friendships at work. This is natural. And it’s over coffee or lunch that a friend might indicate that something has gone wrong at home, a financial problem has developed, or legal assistance is required. This would be an opportunity to mention the EAP and suggest to your co-worker/friend that he/she check it out.
  3. Third, to refer the employee with an ongoing, continued job performance decline to the EAP. The EAP can serve as a supervisory tool for you when dealing with an employee with job performance issues.