Return on Investment

ROI Results from the Coaching Industry

6x ROI
One hundred executives from Fortune 1000 companies participated in coaching and the calculated ROI was almost six times the investment.

(Study conducted by Manchester Inc., an American company that customizes executive coaching programs)

More balanced life
The outcomes that clients most often attribute to the coaching they received are a higher level of self-awareness (67.6%), smarter goal-setting (62.4%), and a more balanced life (60.5%). 

(Source: 1998 poll by the International Coach Federation, Washington, D.C.)

Coaching more effective than training alone
Research has found coaching to be more effective than training alone. A study of managers found that training by itself improved productivity 22.4% while training plus coaching improved productivity 88%.

(International Personnel Management Association, Winter 1997)

Improved management skills
“Smart managers have already removed the defects from the business. Now they’re using business coaches to do the same for themselves.”

(Inc. Magazine, June 1, 1997)

Why companies hire coaches
The top three reasons companies hire coaches:

  1. for leadership development (70%)
  2. for skill development or style differences (64%)
  3. to retain top talent (40%)

Coaching has produced results or been effective in 74% of the cases. In response to the question, “Why has coaching grown in recent years?” 60% said helping people improve is better than replacing them and 54% said good talent is harder to find and retain.

(Source: Lee Hecht Harrison survey of 488 Human Resources professionals)

Why leaders fail
Reasons for failure of 405 newly appointed leaders who left their positions voluntarily within 18 months:

  • 82% of new hires are unable to build partnerships with subordinates and peers
  • 58% are confused or unclear about what is expected of them
  • 50% lack internal political savvy
  • 47% were unable to focus on and achieve two or three of the most important objectives of their positions
  • 28% took too long to learn their job
  • 25% lack balance between work and personal lives

(Manchester, an executive development firm in Jacksonville, FL)

Coaching can be an effective solution for each one of these issues.