What do Employees Really Want from Their Employers?

6/7/2013 by Tricia Arling

Guess what, for most employees, it’s not all about the money. Money does make life easier, but most candidates I talk to want purpose, flexibility, and recognition.  They want to be part of something important and involved in a culture which matches their values.  Employees want to work in a team that allows them to contribute as well as advance in their careers.  Ideally teams should challenge them as well as bring out the best in them.  And when employees contribute to this thing of value for the company, they want to be recognized for it.  Money is nice but public recognition is also a strong reward.  One of the most powerful Recognition Award programs I’m familiar with is Night on the Town Awards, in which peers recommend peers for a job well done.  The reward is $100 cash announced at a company meeting, call, or event so everyone knows about the employee’s positive impact on the product, project, team and/or company.


I also find that senior level candidates look for more freedom:  particularly, freedom to work outside traditional hours to allow a more flexible work/life balance.  I’ve seen, as well as experienced for myself, the increased positive results when employees are measured by results versus hours worked.


I’m currently recruiting for a position which requires highly technical resources and we can’t pay market value right now.  However, we have been very successful in filling our openings because we offer the “best in the business” technical teams, flexible work hours, independence and team work, as well as a product like no other in the market.  Proof positive that although companies need to be competitive with their salaries, they should also incorporate the intangibles: challenge, growth, recognition, freedom, and flexibility.


Our guest blogger is Tricia Arling, who holds an Advanced Certification in Internet Recruiting from AIRS and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Boston College.  She has been a Technical Recruiter for 18 years, working with start-ups and as an Independent Consultant.  Over the years she has read countless resumes and hired hundreds of professionals.  Combining her counseling background and recruitment experience, she has started a new blog - Job Seeker’s Advice Column, offering the ‘inside scoop’ on what recruiters look for. Tricia can be followed at https://twitter.com/TriciaArling and connected with on www.linkedin.com/in/tarling.


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